The View from Inside: How we survived Sam Bankman-Fried (House of Cards, Part 2)
Crypto Parabellum PodcastNovember 21, 2022x
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The View from Inside: How we survived Sam Bankman-Fried (House of Cards, Part 2)

0:00 Introduction to this Episode. A Picture is Painted about Sam Bankman-Fried

6:01:00 Initial Reactions from the fall of SBF and   FTX

9:19:00 Closer to SBF, FTX, Alameda than 99% of people that are in Crypto

9:57:00 Uniquely Positioned to Lose Everything because should have trusted Sam more than anyone else

11:04:00 Sam being eerily quiet was the first red flag

14:19:00 Something's not right, I'm getting out of here...

15:20:00 Alan's THREE Close Calls in 2022, Celsius,  BlockFI, FTX

19:04:00 Reflecting upon the Cycle -- What went well, what didn't?

19:59:00 Insulating against Alameda

20:23:00 Path Crypto, An Alameda Portfolio Company...

21:04:00 How long have you had a relationship with   SBF?

22:09:00 How did that relationship develop from   getting to know SBF to where Alameda invested in Stacked (Path)?

24:26:00 One of the First 10 Equity Investments of   Alameda (out of over 400 to date)

26:40:00 Alameda stopped being involved and   responding to investor updates, one of the only investments that doesn't have   a token

27:44:00 Didn't have a token, but Alameda was   applying pressure to start a token due to immediate liquidity.

28:29:00 Alameda wanted to Treasure our Money, wanted to take our Money and pay us Interest!!

28:47:00 Pressured to take initial round in FTT, not   USD

29:34:00 Sam advised to take in FTT, and open a sizeable short on ETH to hedge...when ETH was $320

30:59:00 A very different experience with Alameda   than most because Path did not launch a token

31:49:00 How hard was it to say no to SBF about   launching a token?

32:34:00 8 to 10 hours of direct discussion with Sam   about launching a token

33:24:00 Sam was advising them to create shell companies   to evade regulatory issues and launch a token

38:41:00 A thousand times, Path could have given in, but stayed the...Path?

40:14:00 Greater duty to do the right thing with   other people's money

40:34:00 How do VCs get their money? LPs, Limited Partners

42:55:00 Not all FTX Employees are Guilty, remember   that. Sam duped them too

47:29:00 Most people had no idea this was going on, Brett Harrison, former CEO of among them

49:14:00 Sam made a terrible decision that impacted   6m+ people out of greed and hubris, which started with Terra LUNA

51:19:00 A silver lining for the future.

54:05:00 Morality wins the day

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